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Call for Proposals to Book on Grounded Innovation

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High quality chapters are sought for a new peer reviewed book on Inclusive, Grounded Innovation within bioresources. Outline proposals to be submitted by March 1st 2015.


The book’s theme, research problem, and background
Innovation is a very current discourse. Within this discourse, a tiny moment has emerged recently that questions some of this discourse’s tacit and widely accepted premises that the purpose of innovation is to increase the competitiveness of businesses and to promote economic growth.

The emerging critical movement raises questions regarding who innovation is for, and what are the innovation’s purposes, emphasizing the needs of groups that are too economically marginalized to be fully included in consumer markets. This movement operates within the term ‘Inclusive Innovation’,  a term that has yet to be adequately defined, but that emphasizes poor people’s access to markets.

Book Project Outline

Call for high quality chapters for the book
High quality chapters are now sought for a new peer reviewed book at high level on Inclusive, Grounded Innovation in the sphere of biological resources and related industries and activities.

A post-submission grant of €600 will be offered to authors who need support, and who have little or no access to research funding.

There will be a two‐stage process of selection. The first stage will draw up a short list of up to 12 chapters after the selection panel has reviewed outline chapter proposals of no more than three pages. Those selected for the short list will then be invited to submit full chapters before the deadline for submission.

Deadline: Outline proposals to be submitted by March 1st 2015

For further details please contact john.bryden@nilf.no

Call for Book Proposals 

Grounded Innovation Research Group





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